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Handcrafted wood three in one game box

not available on this product. This beautiful hand carved wooden box has been made specially for you, using sustainably sourced sheesham wood. The box is finished using the time honoured traditional brass inlay work by master craftsmen in India. In the box are three games of strategy – Chess, Dominoes and Tic-Tac-Toe. While the world around us has changed, why don’t we take a pause, switch-off our laptops, put down our phones and enjoy making memories playing these fun, stimulating games. CHESS The ultimate game of strategy, Chess is believed to have originated in India in the 6th century BC. Chess is often cited by psychologists as an effective way to improve memory function. Also allowing the mind to solve complex problems and work through ideas. TIC-TAC-TOE It is said that Tic-Tac-Toe was first played in Ancient Egypt. In Rome, it was called “Terni Lapilli” and dates back to the first century BC. Grids for the game have been found chalked all over the city’s ancient ruins. One of the oldest strategy games ever played, Tic Tac Toe is simple and addictive and has many variants that add further complexity. DOMINOES Dominoes are believed to have originated in China in the 12th century, appearing in Italy in the early eighteenth century, and spreading to the rest of Europe throughout the remainder of the 1700’s, becoming one of the most popular games, specially in Latin America where this is the national game for many Caribbean countries.



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