Show appreciation for your employees with one of the best Corporate gifting vendors in Delhi

It is crucial to make your company’s stakeholders feel respected and valued by exhibiting appreciative gestures. Nothing beats corporate gifts as a touchpoint of recognition to your employees because of the touch of personalization it has, reflecting that their efforts don’t go unnoticed by you. MiGifting is the answer to your quest of enjoying a comfortable experience with the best corporate gift manufacturers in Delhi with a product range of corporate gifts that offer variety, versatility, and supreme quality. 

We are the premier corporate gift supplier in Delhi who understands the importance of your unique voice and alignment with your brand to be reflected in your corporate gifts instead of predictable, bland, and basic options. As the best corporate gifting vendors in Delhi, we enable you to strengthen your bonds and brand with your customers, clients and prospects.

Save time & efforts with one of the Best Corporate Gifts Manufacturers in Delhi.

When you are approaching one of the finest corporate gifting companies in Delhi NCR, you expect variety in terms of a range of corporate gifts options alongside the scope of personalization. Who doesn’t want the gifts that they give to their employees, partners and customers to not entice goodwill in them while strengthening the existing bond?

MiGifting understands that thus becoming the go-to corporate gifts manufacturers in Delhi, offering an array of products that never fall short on versatile, branded, beautiful, creative and functional gifts. We put an end to your search for thoughtful and appreciation inducing gifts that are a hit amongst your company’s stakeholders. After all, why compromise with your company’s brand when you have the chance to make the process of selection effortless and easy with the right partners.

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  • Brass oil lamp set gift set

    Brass oil lamp set gift set

    These Oil Lamps are cast in solid brass and are based on ancient Byzantine lamps. They can be used with a variety of oils like mustard, castor, coconut, sesame or a specially blended Panchadeepam oil which will bring positive benefits to your space.

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  • Folios & luggage tags for couple gift set

    Folios & luggage tags for couple gift set

    A gift set for the couple! It comes with Leather Gryphon Organiser along with premium leather travel tag and a note book – A5 size (50 sheets) in beautiful prints and containing fine quality paper.


    • Leather Folio
    • Journal
    • Leather Travel Tags
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  • european adventure gift set

    For our european adventure gift set

    A travel gift set for the couple with a wanderlust. A European Adventure consists of products perfect for a travelling adventure for the Groom.


    • Luxury Cashmere Scarf
    • Leather Travel Tag
    • Premium leather Passport holder
    • An art Journal
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  • box gift set

    Get-set-go box gift set

    Get set, Go!’ Box is -made for the loved-one who is a go getter, a globe trotter.

    • The light will charge up her space and purify the energy to get her day rolling on the right note

    • The mug is essential for the morning cuppa that keep’s her going through the day.

    • The Linen linen makes for a perfect accessory that will keep her looking fresh and give her warmth as she ies to her next destination.

    • Travel tag to distinguish her bag at the & to add a touch of luxury to her travel gear.


    • Linen
    • Mug
    • Travel Tag
    • Essential Oil
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  • wood three in one game box

    Handcrafted wood three in one game box

    not available on this product. This beautiful hand carved wooden box has been made specially for you, using sustainably sourced sheesham wood. The box is finished using the time honoured traditional brass inlay work by master craftsmen in India. In the box are three games of strategy – Chess, Dominoes and Tic-Tac-Toe. While the world around us has changed, why don’t we take a pause, switch-off our laptops, put down our phones and enjoy making memories playing these fun, stimulating games. CHESS The ultimate game of strategy, Chess is believed to have originated in India in the 6th century BC. Chess is often cited by psychologists as an effective way to improve memory function. Also allowing the mind to solve complex problems and work through ideas. TIC-TAC-TOE It is said that Tic-Tac-Toe was first played in Ancient Egypt. In Rome, it was called “Terni Lapilli” and dates back to the first century BC. Grids for the game have been found chalked all over the city’s ancient ruins. One of the oldest strategy games ever played, Tic Tac Toe is simple and addictive and has many variants that add further complexity. DOMINOES Dominoes are believed to have originated in China in the 12th century, appearing in Italy in the early eighteenth century, and spreading to the rest of Europe throughout the remainder of the 1700’s, becoming one of the most popular games, specially in Latin America where this is the national game for many Caribbean countries.

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  • Silver plated repousse

    Silver plated repousse

    It has been encased in a beautifully embellished silver finish missive case, historically used by horsemen to safely carry maps and important documents. Elaborately decorated with Repousse motifs in low relief achieved by hammering the metal from the reverse side to get exquisite and elaborate designs.

    This gift comes together in a beautiful amalgamation of the rich culture of India and its breath- taking craft techniques.

    original madhubani artwork

    Madhubani has been a part of the storytelling fabric of India for over 2500 years. Indigenous to the Mithila region of Bihar in India, the stunning art was rediscovered in the earthquake of 1934 by British Officer William G. Archer who found them strangely reminiscent to the artworks of Miro and Picasso. Traditionally done by women, each piece of art reflects the region’s rich visual culture – myths and legends, the sun and moon, nature and daily life.

    Each individual piece is made on a handmade khadi paper treated using Neem & Tulsi (holy basil) using dyes that have been derived entirely out of natural ingredients like turmeric, kusam flowers, indigo, powdered rice, red sandalwood and lampblack.The special natural treatment gives the artwork its distictive stain and makes it immune to silver fish termites.

    Our artwork has been sourced directly from a national award winning artisan family led by a dynamic and fiercely independent matriarch.

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  • organised box gift set

    Stay sharp & organised box gift set

    This Box consists of a selection of products for your Groom’s Squad to keep them looking sharp and staying organised at all times.


    • Gryphon Leather Folio Organiser
    • A5 Note Book Cum Journal
    • Brass Decision Dice
    • Handcrafted Stoneware Mug
    • Gourmet Coffee In A Tin Box
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  • box of calm gift set

    The box of calm gift set

    In our fast paced lives, it is important to remember to carve out some time for your mind, body & soul. Keeping your personal well being in mind we have created a special box to keep you calm and positive throughout your day.
    The Find Calm Book provides the company of a warm, understanding friend who understands the challenges of fast paced life and helps to find calm. Bursting with tips, centering statements and soothing activities, Find Calm will help you feel more at ease in the world and better equipped to deal with things that really matter.
    A floral tribute to a high grown, delicately rolled green from Darjeeling, known to invoke a feeling of relaxation & serenity. The soothing aroma of lavender comes from the small purple flowers from Kashmir. The sweet smell of wild rose comes from the shade dried petals from the semi-arid plains of Rajasthan. Inhale the flavour in every sip.
    This special blend for calm with earthy and sweet notes of Oud, is known to be used by ancient cultures for providing a feeling of relaxation, serenity and harmony. The luxurious, soothing fragrance lifts tension and instills deep feelings of peace and calm.
    The handcrafted Kahwa cups add beauty to the daily ritual of enjoying a of with your loved ones. The complimentary brass measuring is handcrafted in India.

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